Dejure Institute of Law and Legal Affairs Pvt. Ltd.
Adwait Marg,Kathmandu,Province 3,Nepal 9843651534

Dejure Institute of Law and Legal Affairs Pvt. Ltd. is a company intended to promote the rule of law by enhancing quality education and producing legal manpower through workshops, training, and conference on legal issues. Future more we run preparation classes for B.A.LL.B., LLB & LLM Entrance. We also run a preparation class for Advocate license. We have published an objective book for B.A.LL.B. Entrance named “MCQS: Password to BALLB”. One of our major goals as an institution is to promote legal Education by promoting research culture in Nepal. We believe in providing a common learning platform for those who want to pursue their carrier in the legal field. We promote cooperation and mutual understanding to build the foundation of our legal system through coordination among various agencies. Holds record for highest result in last 5 years.

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